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Talking Speculative Policy and Imagining Better Futures, Hosted on the Remake Podcast

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Here's the link to listen to our conversation:


In this conversation we discuss:

[3:03] Personal thoughts on the Covid crisis.

[5:46] The challenges of productions under the strain of an epidemic.

[7:25] The psychological challenges of dealing with uncertainty.

[11:13] How Science Fiction became a calling from an early age.

[15:46] About good parenting and good teachers.

[20:35] Getting into Star Trek at a very young age.

[26:52] What it felt like to lead a popular national science fiction festival at a young age.

[29:15] Why Israeli culture seems antithetical to speculative creativity and science fiction.

[41:27] The great importance of imagining alternative futures.

[44:13] The creation of Designing Tomorrow, an international, interdisciplinary program for the development and sharing of methodologies between futures practitioners.

[53:22] The space between Utopia and Dystopia

[56:28] where we're headed with climate and technology.

[1:00:27] Two final quotes about chasing Utopias.

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